Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Christmas Poem and Image

 I wrote a poem with a Christmas ethos a little earlier this year and it has been published in the December issue of EGO magazine, a monthly publication on all things Aberystwyth and beyond. This is the poem:-

A Son

                           (listening to Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt)

Slowly, slowly, heartbeat of

piano's melody lays steady
path where bow of violin

enters and breathes across

strings, together flow in

spirit of sustaining song,

harmony of eternal

spheres  -

and there was

                                 a star once, pulsating
glimmer-shimmer from

farthest heavens, voiced in

light from light message for

present, for future, for time

beyond time   . . . .     He is
                          here, come

to be with you, laugh with

you, weep and proffer
gentlest of arms to enfold

you in warmth

                                   unimaginable . . . . 

of woman born, passed

through fabric of pain,

passage of earthly flesh

to love

                                       everlasting   . . .
               He is my son,

infant grown become man

with humanity who was,

is God   -   He is my son,

       listen to Him.

I submitted the poem with a couple of possible images to Kiran Sharma, poetry editor of the magazine in November. Kiran liked the poem and published it together with the image 'The Cloths of Joy', a detail from one of my embroidered pieces.

The Cloths of Joy

The two appear together on page 104 of the magazine and below is the link to the publication.

Warmest wishes to all for 2021!

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