Friday, 25 April 2014

Cloisters Exhibition, St Davids Cathedral

Time has gone so quickly lately! It is a few weeks now since we returned from St Davids and my Cloisters Exhibition. It was really good to show there again -  also good in that I sold my 'Towards the Light' abstract as well as several prints and cards. We stayed in 'Ysgubor', a lovely disabled-friendly cottage at Tretio where we had stayed during my 2012 exhibition. It was a pleasure to talk to Rob and Honey again, who run the cottages on their farm and we had another greeting from the little hen who had also come to say ‘hello’ in 2012! Honey welcomed us with a delicious sponge cake - despite my intolerances, I couldn't resist having just a little bit! - and also six beautiful fresh eggs. We’ll hope to return for a third time!
Below is a link to their Facebook page where Rob and Honey have posted lots of pictures and many snippets of info about the cottages, the area etc. They have even included a couple of shots of my exhibition!

tretio cottages facebook page

A few pictures of the exhibition.

The following show images of my 'Silent Polyphonies' installation. I was able to exhibit it with the sound this time, in which I read my poem to a piano accompaniment which I also play, then finish with a short sung cadence. As with 'The Invitation', the sound loops round, with a short interval between tracks, to accompany the visual images of panel and 'falling' book. At one point, a spectator who had also been listening while she was in the refectory, came over to me to say how much she had enjoyed the music and how relaxed it had made her feel!

Arthur and panel during set-up, looking toward the refectory.

A closer view of panel with side 'a' and also some wall pieces.

Looking away from the refectory this time and also showing the beautiful 'shelf' the book had to rest on! I love the stones of the cathedral wall and I thought that the pattern formed by some of the exposed stonework was an ideal place for the pages of the 'falling book'.

A little visitor was on the stones and it seemed so appropriate to have it there  -  sadly, no longer alive but still very beautiful!

The other side of the exhibition with sunlight spilling in through the tall, clear windows and just catching a couple of the pieces. The sun arrived in the gallery in the afternoon but was not a problem as it only shone on the work for a short time and it was so lovely to have the warm, bright light come streaming in.

The picture in the upper left is 'Towards the Light' which sold during the exhibition.