Thursday, 12 September 2013

Noises of Art Conference

Last week, I attended a fascinating conference on Noises of Art in Aberystwyth, at the Arts Centre and the university's School of Art.

I have loved Aberystwyth, the university and place itself, ever since coming here as an undergrad long ago in the 1970s. In first year, I studied Art, French and Italian and modern languages were in the Old Coll. Some of my Italian classes were in a little turret room up a winding staircase with the gulls wheeling outside the window!

This is Juls and Ed on the prom with the Old Coll building on the left  -  taken about 10 years ago now on a visit to Wales before we moved over permanently.

Arthur pictured on the same day as Juls and Ed  -  the weather was lovely!

I also stayed in the then women's hall of residence, Alexandra Hall, which is located at the end of the prom by Constitution Hill. My room was in the annexe, right at the top and, in bad weather, little pebbles would be tossed up by the spray right over the roof and could be heard running down over the tiles! When seas were rough and heavy waves rolled in, dashing themselves against the sea wall, if I hadn't locked my room door or shut it especially firmly, the door would swing gently open and shut to the reverberation of the crashing water  -  a very exciting place to live!

Self with Juliette on a windy winter's day five or six years ago, with Constitution Hill and Alexandra Hall under the lowering violet skies.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Talk in October

Just been asked by Debbie Marais to give a demonstration/talk about my work with textiles and words at the Oswestry Festival, October 12th - 19th. It will be on Thursday 17th in Oswestry Library  -  I'll look forward to this!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

New exhibition

I have just opened in a group exhibition called 'Natural Selection' in a fairly new gallery in Oswestry, Shropshire, The Willow Gallery  -  run by ever such nice people and a really interesting space. The building used to be a car showroom and has been imaginatively converted into a gallery which, very happily for me, is completely wheelchair friendly!

The work I'm showing is my 'Silent Polyphonies' installation and the following show how it looks in the gallery.

First two images taken during set-up.
The panel and 'falling book' in place with little view through in the gallery. I really like how the gallery design includes these little 'windows' in the dividing walls, as well as creating added interest, they open up the space beautifully. There are also settees, comfy chairs and tables and a cafĂ©, so it's a lovely, relaxing place to visit.

Just about there, now!
Opening Night Friday 6th September. The browser with my prints in it was put round the corner  -  a good position alongside more browsers.
Juliette and Arthur on Opening Night  -  a folk group played creating a lovely atmosphere and lots of people came!
Glass of wine had now been enjoyed and about to move on to the coffee. My scarf (silk-painted by self) seems to want to take over!
Going home now and looking in from outside.