Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Paired installations in Newman University

I was privileged to be invited to show work in the lovely space of St Mary's Chapel, Newman University this year by University Chaplain, Margaret Holland and it turned out to be a wonderful venue for my exhibition. The installations I chose to exhibit were The Invitation and He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven which together became Invitation to Hope.

The boards that I used in The Cloisters Gallery, St David's Cathedral, were again ideal for the space in St Mary's Chapel to hang all my abstract portraits of Christ and the Apostles. The panels for Mary the Mother of God and Mary of Magdala then take their positions at either end of the curve of portraits.

A beautiful light flows in from the windows above and behind the installation and I also like how the pieces are reflected in the floor beneath.

This image shows husband, Arthur, my daughter, Juliette and sister, Joyce standing by the Invitation's portraits. Juliette works as Senior Lecturer in Ancient History in the university and I was delighted that Joyce was able to come over from Ireland to see the exhibition. We had a great day in Birmingham, too!

I placed the book that I produced for The Invitation, seen to the left in this picture, along with a some information for visitors, by the portraits. The book describes my artistic processes in creating the pieces as I did and is illustrated with colour photographs of the artwork. In it, I also write of my philosophy and spirituality which play their part, not just in this installation, but in every piece of work that I do.

The other section of the exhibition, the hanging Cloth for Night and the Half-Light, was placed opposite this curved wall by an alcoved part of the chapel which was perfect for the stitched painting and smaller pieces that accompany it.

Cloth for Night and the Half-Light is seen here on the right with, on the brick wall of the alcove, the other pieces for He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven. A table was placed here for the Visitors' Book, copies of The Invitation book and some cards and postcards of work in the exhibition. These items proved very popular with visitors.

This image shows a detail from the top of Cloth for Night and the Half-Light.

The portrait of my father is one of the small pieces featured.

A sound track which combines music from the two aspects of the exhibition was played on a loop to accompany the visual pieces.

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